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Hello! I'm so happy to welcome you.

My name is Monica (middle name Beatrice), and I am the founder of Monica Beatrice Shop!

I hope you'll enjoy perusing my brand new store. 

This space is designed to host my very first collection of products: the Radiate Love series of posters

Having worked from home as a blogger for seven years, I've come to appreciate how important it is to surround yourself with beautiful, motivational things. An uplifting quote can be a huge boost! 

Each of these posters is designed to adorn your walls with something truly beautiful. The quality of each print is incredible, having been lovingly hand printed using a traditional letterpress on deliciously thick paper.  

I couldn't have created my first range of posters without the inimitable calligraphy of Megan Riera. Megan's elegant hand brought to life the collection of inspiring quotes! I am so delighted that a chance meeting many moons ago has led us to work together. 

Each of the three designs in my first poster collection is crafted to create a little moment of inspiration and delight for you. Browse the collection to learn about the prints. Each one has a story. And have a peep at our inspiration corner for ideas on how to style your posters.

Thank you again for stopping by, I hope that a Monica Beatrice print may find a place in your home. 

Love, Monica x

P.S. Want to learn a little more about my story? Scroll down . . . !


A little more about the girl behind the posters. 

Monica Beatrice Poster Series | Meet Monica | Medium 4.jpg

My story in the digital realm begins as a twenty year old student at The London College of Fashion. 

One year into my degree, I found myself bored (bad student alert!) and with a desire to explore a creative platform all of my own. 

Fortunately for me, 2010 was the era of street style blogs, and these amazing online journals of peoples' style and their glamorous 'fash-pack lives' were eagerly consumed by yours truly.

I fell in love with street style, and blogging, and I decided to start my own blog: The Elgin Avenue. It was named after the road I lived off of in London. 

Fast forward one year into documenting my life and style, as a student at LCF, and I won an award from Marie Claire magazine for Best Fashion Blog of the Year. 

This award afforded me a big boost in recognition, and from there I continued to build my blog and profile as a blogger. 

In 2014, having recently graduated, I made a big decision to leave London and move to the British countryside, where I still live alongside my boyfriend Oli in our beautiful light-filled home. 

I've been full-time blogging since 2014, and my website is my platform for sharing articles all about my own recipe for life. My aim with both The Elgin Avenue, and Monica Beatrice Shop, is to help you to navigate a stylish, happy and inspired life. 

Thank you for joining me here, and across the blog. I hope that you'll enjoy perusing my new poster collection and may welcome one into your own home. 

Please do pop over to Instagram and say "hello" or stay a while longer to explore the site. 

Love, Monica x